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U.S History Quiz

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Brittany Ervin

Professor Taylor
U.S History

Essay quiz 6

 April 3, 2017

Essay 1 (50%):

What roles did each branch of the federal government (executive, legislative, judicial) play in the civil rights movement? How did that role change over time?

        The roles that the government played in the civil rights movement was very light and it took the efforts of senate majority leader Lyndon B. Johnson to turn things around. However, in 1957 congress passed the first national civil rights law that focused on the denial of black voting rights in the southern states.  Later President Eisenhower saw that no one was abiding by the law that passed and he called the whole issue distasteful. He tried to help many students but in 1957 Governor Orval Faubus of Arkansas ordered the National Guard to prevent a court ordered integration and Eisenhower intervened and stopped them. It is now better because of the great media coverage that the movement gained and because of the help of JFK.

Essay 2 (25%):

What national organizations played a major role in the civil rights movement? How did each organization’s role and responsibilities differ? What disputes or disagreements can you identify between SCLC and SNCC with regard to priorities and tactics? Why did some members of SNCC resent Dr. King and other SCLC leaders?

        The national organizations that played a big role in the civil rights movements were the NAACP (national advancement association for colored people), the SCLC (Southern Christian leadership conference), and the SNCC. The NAACP’s roles were specifically to advance justice for African Americans. The SCLC was responsible for redeeming “the soul of America” through nonviolent resistance and the SNCC was priorities were nonviolent sit-in directed by students. The SCLC and SNCC had many disputes because of their different ideologies. SNCC members resented the SCLC because of the conference’s methods of going into a community where organizers were already active. In reason of this each of then broke away from working together.



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