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Top Gun - Movie Review

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Essay Preview: Top Gun - Movie Review

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The movie Top Gun is an action packed loved story.[1] Tom Cruise, the main character "Maverick" is a navy fighter pilot. He is selected to go to Top Gun the elite fighter pilot school. While attending school he must overcome his wrecklessness, while battling personal demons from the death of his father. In the midst of all this he falls in love with his civilian flight instructor. The death of his best friend and co-pilot make him reconsider becoming a navy pilot. This movie not only portrays the life of a combat navy pilot, but also shows the personal and professional challenges that make up the core of the movie.

The beginning of the movie starts with a combat scene and intense interpersonal relationships. Recoginized for their excellent flying combat skills, "Maverick" and "Goose" are selected to go to Top Gun, the most elite school for training combat pilots. The Top Gun story line has adequate continunity from start to finish with three major elements. Those elements include combat training, professional adversity and a love story. Soon after combat training starts his love story begins. Personal demons from his fathers death haunt him during training, where he is accused of being wreckless. With the death of his co-pilot leading to a board of inquiry he almost quits. Finding out his father died heroically "Maverick" graduates and returns to combat. The love affair between Maverick and his civilian instructor are portrayed throughout the movie. The love affair provides him strength and encouragement to graduate from the elite school.

The film is very realistic utilizing live footage shot from the flight deck of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Many of the scenes throughout this movie are very well choreographed making the viewer believe they are part of the combat sequence. From beginning to end the movie is shot in a believable accurate way. There is only one scene that may be considered not entirely possible. That scene is where Maverick is flying within feet above the enemy MIG's canopy. The manuver may seem impossible, but with Maverick's wrecklessness it makes the story line possible.

The movie does not have any artifice effects. Throughout the whole movie there where no visible lights or microphones. The use of lighting was very well blended making the lighting



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