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Movie Review: The Forgotten

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Essay Preview: Movie Review: The Forgotten

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What if everyone you loved, every moment you held dear, changed forever? This question is asked in The Forgotten. Julianne Moore stars as Telly Peretta, a grief-stricken mother who lost her eight-year old son when the plane he boarded 14 months earlier disappeared. Suddenly, one day, she notices that her son has been removed from any photographs she has of him and pretty much any other record of his existence has been erased. Memories of Sam's existence are fading from her mind as well. Her husband, played by actor Anthony Edwards, tells her that they never had a son. Her psychiatrist (Gary Sinese) confirms that the boy never existed and was just a figment of her imagination, that she has created 8-years of fake memories about a child that was never born. Another man she met, Ash Correll (Dominic West), an ex-hockey player for the Rangers, who has also supposedly lost his daughter in the same accident, denies every having met Telly or even having had a daughter, but she insists that the two children were friends. Soon, Telly's husband denies even knowing her. Everyone thinks Telly is crazy because she feels the government and police are conspiring against her, and are involved with the abduction of her son. Is she crazy? No one knows for sure. But Telly's undying love for her son and her persistence to find out the truth begin to pay off as she unravels a mystery wrapped in a riddle of what happened to her son and the other kids that disappeared months earlier. Telly manages to make Ash remember his forgotton daughter, Lauren, and they spend the remainder of the movie going on a hunt for their children, and a reason for their disapperance, in the meanwhile running from the government and FBI.

This movie has is strong and weak points. Strong points being that it plays on every mothers fears-- losing her loved one, forgetting memories of them, and having no control over it. Also, The Forgotton has all of the components necessary for



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