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Shallow Hal Movie Review

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Essay Preview: Shallow Hal Movie Review

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Shallow Hal

When I asked my friends about this movie they all said the same thing that it was about a guy who sees a fat girl as blonde bomb shell. I heard that it was a hysterical movie and has a good message.

- Hal's father is dieing in the hospital and his last words telling Hal to only go after the perfect girls, big boos, and a nice posterior. In result this traumatizes Hal and he becomes shallow.

- Hal gets stuck in an elevator with Tim Robins, who starts a conversation with Hal and Tim realizes that he can help Hal

- Hal goes off on a tangent abut what h thinks is the perfect girl, mentioning names like Brittney Spears, Rebecca Romaine Stamos, and other beautiful women like that

- Tim then changes Hal's perception by being able to only see inner beauty in people

- Hal then bumps into a girl and shares a cab with her, Hal sees her as a beautiful woman when she really is ugly

- Hal and his best friend go to a club; Hal notices a beautiful woman and dances with her and her friends, who see as gorgeous.

- Hal's friend comes back and try to rescue Hal from the ugly girls, even though Hal does not want to leave because he is having fun

- Hal sees Rosemary and follows her into a store, embarrasses her then takes her to lunch, when two guys make fun of Rosemary, but Hal confronts them because he thinks they were making fun of him

- Hal and his friend were walking through the park waiting to meet Rosemary; Hal cannot stop telling him how amazing Rosie is. The response was it must be the Ugly Duckling Syndrome, she did not get pretty until high school, so the personality had to develop out of necessity , she was ugly so long she did not even realize she was pretty

This movie reflects



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