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The World Is Not Enough Movie Review

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Movie Critique: The World is Not Enough

With myself being a mad James Bond fan seeing this movie was not enough.

I attended it the first night that it was shown and then upon hearing that we could

critique a movie in the movie theater again, I knew that I must see Bond again.

The director's goal in the movie was the same as it is in any of the previous

James Bond movies. To have a smooth, slick and sexy superhero was the main look

for 007. The look of Bond also had to be that of cunning, quick and sly. It was a

typical Bond movie, only that the new age technology was superior to that of

previous Bond movies and that this was Pierce Bronson's best performed role.

I thought that Denise Richards was only in the movie for her name and her T

and A. She really didn't have an important role and the role that she did play she

played it poorly. Basically the only scene that she performed that no other actress

could have, was when she was underwater wearing a thin white shirt.

However, despite the cheapness of having Richards in the movie, it was an

overall excellent James Bond movie. The plot and execution of the plot was welled

performed. The special effects were well designed and didn't come off cheesy at all



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