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This Is About My Study

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Introduction to E-Commerce (EC)


What is EC?

* Conducting business activities electronically over computer networks.

* The use of electronic data transmission to implement or enhance any business processes.

Communication: delivery of information, products or services, payment via computer network

Business process: automates business transaction and workflows

Service: reduce cost, while at the same time improving quality and increasing service

Online: uses the Internet or the Web as its data transmission medium

Types of EC

Business-to-Business (B2B)

* All participants are organizations

* Useful tool for connecting business partners in a virtual supply chain to cut resupply times and reduce cost

Business-to-Customer (B2C)

* Customer deal directly with an organization and avoid intermediaries

* Squeezes costs and inefficiencies out of supply chain

* Can lead to higher profits

* Can lead to lower prices

Customer-to-Customer (C2C)

* Involves consumers selling directly to other consumers

* Example: eBay


Determine whether your goods or services are appropriate to be sold over the Internet:


- Is your product/service easy for people understand?

- Is your product/service or company a brand or known name?

- Who buy your product/service?

- Is it easy to buy your product/service online/offline?

- Is it legal to sell your product/service from a Web site?

* To create an effective EC site, you must provide your online visitors with the information they need to understand your products and services.

* It is important to determine how much and what type of information you will need to provide to your customer.


Online shopping supports the sales process by providing customers with the detailed information they need to make a decision.

* Companies can implement online shopping with or without implementing an online purchasing service.

* Online shopping will support the sales process and in some cases, shorten the sales cycle.

* Your online shopping service needs to provide a description of the product, including pricing, delivery time and methods and product warranties.

* More advanced elements of an online shopping service include descriptions and demonstrations of features, functions and benefits of your product or service.

* An FAQ area provides visitors with an online resource to answer their questions.

* Competitive information provides potential customers with a method of comparing your products to other products. If possible, include or link articles that favorably highlight your product.

* Customer testimonials provide confirmation that others have similar issues and that your products fulfills their needs.



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