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The “Perfect” Society

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The “Perfect” Society

Throughout the movie, Gulliver Travel’s, Dr. Gulliver travels around to many mysterious places and meets many different types of people. Some people include the Lilliputians, which are people who are about as big as mice. Other types of people, rather horses, include the Houyhnhnms’. They were a group of horses that lived in the “Perfect” society. This society is studied by many educators and numerous theories are invented. One such a theory is called the house theory. Split up into areas, similar to that of a house, this theory explains that you must master all areas to become a Houyhnhnm, or in simpler terms, become part of a “Perfect” society. Debatable by many, the house theory is indeed the way to become part of a “Perfect” society but, it will never be obtainable in reality.

Basically what the house theory is trying to do is break down all of someone’s daily functions and show how they help shape a perfect society. For instance, in the dining room it is where you correct your behavior. Much like you need to go through an example that will keep you from doing whatever you did that was so bad. Like if you went to touch a stove, your hand would get burned and you would not touch it again.

On paper this theory seems flawless. It covers all the parts of life that people need to survive. Although it seems flawless on paper it is extremely flawed in society. People think differently, and act differently as well. One of the sections tells about a theory where one must accept things other people do. Like men who wear pink shirts. If you cannot learn to respect that, then you cannot be part of the perfect society. Some people, even ones in my English III classroom, are not mature enough to accept the fact that some men enjoy wearing pink shirts or



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