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A Perfect Society

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The Perfect Things

Before answering the question, “What is an ideal society?” you must first be sure of the actual meaning of the word society. Some probably think its obvious, but to be clear, a society is a grouping of individuals who share common interests and may have distinctive culture and institutions. The members of these societies may be from different ethnic groups and it can be a particular people such as the Saxons, a nation state, such as Bhutan, or a boarder cultural group, such as a Western society. After considering what makes a society, I believe that the social ideal is one where there is liberty, justice, kindness and peace.

It is written in the Qur’an 16.90 that “The world stands upon three things: upon the Law, upon worship, and upon showing kindness.” This view of how the world should work is very practical and supports my idea of an ideal society.

Equality is something that every ideal society would need to have, because to have peace and kindness between everybody there needs to be equality between them. This means nobody would be racist, sexist, ageist or have any religious intolerance or be xenophobic in anyway. Equality means peace, which is everybody’s ides of an ideal society. World peace is something that nobody would object to no matter how crazy they think.

All of these ideas of what makes an amazing society of people sound incredible and inspiring, but once thinking back to reality the “ideal society” sadly as it is to say, is impossible to achieve. It breaks my heart to say that I can’t imagine our world without hate, without intolerance, without ignorance. I do however think that we are taking amazing steps towards creating a better society, which in turn is moving us closer and closer to the ideal society that we dream about



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