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The Silence - Movie Review

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The film The Silence is a great example of a circular plot line, as the conflict between the two daughters is still left un resolved , while Anna still remains sick. Backstory can also be used to distinguished between Hollywood cinema and late modern art cinema. On one hand, modern art cinema does not required a backstory to make sense, where audiences often don’t have a clear understanding of where the character is in the world, or where they are going and why. In The Silence, audiences never had a great grasp of where the characters going on the train, even though at the end of the film, audiences can see the hotel that characters were staying, but still one cannot have the exact setting of the hotel that they were staying at in the real world. Another reason that backstory it’s not important for modern art cinema, is because late modern art cinema tends to have extensive representation of mental states that often concerned with the character's dreams, memories, fantasies and the self conscious over the objective reality that is created by the classical Hollywood films that strands its audience into a relatable locations in the contemporary world.

There is also a clear distinction between classical cinema and modern art cinema in terms of character aesthetics. Classical Hollywood cinema has a clear protagonist that has specific purpose in the story, where he or she is being portrayed in the story through their goals and desires. In the film North By Northwest, main protagonist's goal is to reclaim his stolen identity, this have demonstrated how characters in classical Hollywood cinema is individualized through clear objective traits, qualities and behaviours that are relatable to its audiences. Characters in classical Hollywood cinema is generally known through the backstory, and obstacles that were presented throughout the story. In contrast, characters in late modern art films tends to presented in a much ambiguous manner, where the concept



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