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The Pressure Student Feels to Receive Good Grades

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Essay Preview: The Pressure Student Feels to Receive Good Grades

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Ms. Weir

English 1010

14 oct 2016

The pressure student feels to receive good grades

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word pressure means “mental oppression or affliction; the burden of grief, troubles, etc...” (“pressure”). It has been in existence for people to have enthusiastic of going to college, after finishing the high school; however, it never happens to everyone, because not every individual as the ambition of growing in life or taking further step to incline for success, including at their job. Some people are afraid of the pressure student goes through, and they find it difficult to deal with pressure; consequently, they tends to be static for challenges. According to Nancy Benac and Trevor Tompson “Eighty-five percent of the students reported feeling stress in their daily lives in recent months, with worries about grades, school work, money and relationships the big culprits”...(“Poll Shows Many College Students Are Stressed, Depressed”). Some student who are already in school drop out of their classes, because they can’t combat the pressure as a student. To achieve professional or additional qualification is not an easy task. Reasons behind the difficulty of obtaining good grade as a student are, pressure from the parent or guardian, the financial aid support pressure and the peer group/classmate pressure.

Parents or guardian is number one reason for pressure on students. Parents are never quit their care towards their child, even as an adult child. For instance, as a child the parent will instruct their child to brush the hair and teeth; however, they still keep their eyes on their grown child too. The parent will say “be serious in school”  also you must bring home the A’s and make us proud.” Such parent is trying to pass a message across to the student that, the student most exceeds in school. The word of parent or guardian to their child as a student, force and make the student to study harder. The more student remembers parents statement, the more pressure is experienced for good grades. Some parent made sacrifices for their child to be able to get into college. For instance, some parent works so hard as a housekeeper in their child's school, without any pay from the school for a certain period, so that their child be educated. Some parent is less opportune to school. The parent who is less privileged and never made it into the cheer group will always make sure their child make them glad, and  that such child make it to the highest point in a pyramid(life). Some keep their child from committing those same errors they committed.

Financial aid is another pressure student feels. It is a good push that make student work hard to obtain excellent result. Financial aid is the financial support a student receive from the government, for the purpose of educational assistance.The Government’s aim on Financial aid is to improve educational standard, increase graduates rate and to support for economic growth. All this can only be achieved with government support. Government generated large amount of money for education suppose, they made it mandate for any student receiving their money must continue to pass the classes, so that they won’t withdraw their financial support. It is expensive to study in college; however, students are striving hard to have at least the pass grade to maintain the support they receiving from the Government.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   According to Reim, Mary Clare.  "Many Americans are understandably worried about the ever-increasing cost of college education. ("A Failing Grade for 'Free' Community College”). It can be stressful to pass classes in college.Speaking from experience, during my first year in college I had low grade in one of my course, this gave me more pressure to work harder on that my particular course. I start thinking about not wanting to lose my grant for the next semester, then I stop sleeping after getting home from my night job, making quick revision before my class schedule day. Someone who has ambition will make absolute hard work towards the goals . The same is valid for the individuals that needs finance support, and those benefiting from financial support still want to keep their evaluation high with specific goal to continue utilizing/ using their grant.



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