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Era Of Good Feelings

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Although the Era of Good Feelings is known as a time of remarkable growth and development in the United States, it has also been considered a time of "evolution in American nationalism." The years following the War of 1812 have been called the "era of good feelings" because the period was one of one-party politics ted by the Jeffersonians. In the Election of 1816, James Monroe defeated the last of the Federalist candidates and caused a decline in the Federalist Party. During this time, there were no real party divisions. With no opposition at all, Monroe was amazingly reelected in the Election of 1820.

The economy of the country was impacted by technological advancements in the transportation department. Canals and railroads were being built all around the United States that changed the ways Americans moved goods and people. These advances brought the First Industrial Revolution to the U.S.

The war of 1812 was a very doubtful war that caused several problems to emerge. States did not carry out their duties. The commanders and leaders were not informed soon enough or supplied well enough to keep up with the war. However, what happened during this time and after is something better then victory. The war was not just about Britain holding land and impressing American sailors into their navy. To the Americans, this war was also a war for independence. It was the first war for America as a united country. "For the first time, we were united, not a fight for our homes and freedom, but for ideals." (The Awakening of American Nationalism, AAN).



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