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How To Make A Good Student

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How to make a good student

Many teachers consider the perfect student to be someone who is very attentive, does not procrastinate, and aims to do their very best. However, many students decide that good students are made throughout the eyes of a good teacher. Every schoolhouse has that one teacher that drags into the parking lot in their 1965 Buick and honks everybody into their morning joy. As this person enters the school, you can probably tell what kind of day you can look forward to as they linger into the room spreading morning cheer as they scream sharing their previous Krispy Kream breakfast with the entire classroom. By the time that class has begun, the students are now either scared into total silence, or they are cracking their sides laughing at this display of unnecessary behavior. Therefore, the teacher has now lost complete control of the manner of their class, for their grumpiness has now earned them a sense of disrespect from all that they encounter.

On a lighter side, there is also that teacher that pulls into the parking lot greeting every inch of warm blood that crosses their path. Although one may feel a sense of aggravation, the cheerful attitude that you received gives you a sense of respect for that teacher which makes you want to pay attention and give your full ability in their class.

In a whole, the point of making a good student is allowing yourself to be a good teacher.

The world is all based on attitude and when given a positive answers on usually gives a positive response.



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