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The Mission - Movie Review

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Ian Fronda

Philosophy 1

Professor Coleman

November 16, 2016

The Mission

Based on watching the film, the mission, I believed that it was not illogical and the two individuals could never become one, neither in my estimate that they could combine to be like one. The religion that is being displayed is Catholicism. Father Gabriel is a priest, while Rodrigo Mendoza is a wealthy Spaniard, slave trader and a serial killer. Human Nature plays a role in this movie. It states that, Human nature is one value in satisfying a human’s kind. Father Gabriel has shown love for the human kind., while Rodrigo Mendoza expresses the role of an inward sentiment, in which states that an impression in which is something not from the external world; for example the act of nervousness or anger. In general, you cannot pair both of these individuals due to the fact that one has more love and courage to his own self, compared to the other individual that has no love for his people and only cares about himself. Virtue of ethics can describe father Gabriel’s actions towards the people and the native Indians. It states that it identifies the character traits of the morally good person; it emphasizes the kind of person we should become instead of principle actions. Therefore, you cannot consider non of these individuals as one because each individual has its own personal belief and each of them believe in what they truly believe in and not others point of view. 

        One key logic of why the native Indians didn’t cut off the throat of the slave trader Rodrigo is because the Indians and father Gabriel knew that he can change and be a part of the mission, in which truly will change the type of person he is. Father Gabriel told Rodrigo that he wanted him to help them as a priest not as a killer. He says God is love and that an individual must promise your love to god. Father Gabriel opposed Rodrigo the sense of Paul tillian’s beliefs. Tillian states that god is being itself, “the god above god”, “the ground of all being”. I think that Rodrigo forgave himself for what he has done because first, he was able to understand the logic of god in which he transitions to become part of the mission and become a priest. The term god is defined as the greatest convenient of all being, and that the existence in reality is greater than the mere existence in the understanding. Therefore, god must exist in reality, not just in understanding. If Rodrigo never followed father Gabriel and just gave up, I would think that he would not be the better person he is and the actions that he encountered in his life will never change. Based on humes thesis, all of our ideas derived from our impressions. It expresses that Everyone will readily allow, that there is a conversed difference between the the perceptions of the mind. The ideas and perceptions plays a role in which defines Rodrigo as he thanks father Gabriel for what he had given him. Ideas and perception states that a perception of the mind which involves actual hearing, seeing, feeling, rather than just thinking about these things. Rodrigo was able to hear what father Gabriel was telling him, in which he was able to see a new potential in himself. His feelings change towards other people, and inevitably become a whole new person.

        When father Gabriel first arrived at the top of the mountain, he plays his flute in a mere way in which he will get the native Indians attention. The native Indians never really saw any Europeans before. But the music that was coming out of the flute captivates him. The theme that is being displayed here is love. Based on the ten commandments of philosophy, it states “love the truth”. This expresses the idea that an individual must love the truth in order for them to be love and be accommodate by other human beings. Father Gabriel was trying to Christianize the native Indians, which leads to him helping them build a mission that will be on top of the mountain. One of the logic why the native Indians did not kill father Gabriel is because he was able to show them the love for religion. Based on the philosophy and god, it states that religion refers to a belief in god that is institutionalized and incorporated in the teachings of some religious body. Such as a church and a synagogue. Father Gabriel wanted to build a mission, in which it will help all the native Indians live a better life. In addition, push them closer in loving god and have knowledge and respect for their own religion. The act utilitarianism also plays the role in which it defines who father Gabriel is as a person towards the native Indians. It states that, it is the consequentialist position that states this: always act so that your actions produce the greatest happiness for everyone. Father Gabriel was respected and love by the natives Indians because the knowledge and power that he showed them made him be a part of their culture, and also be a part of their religion, and count him as a family.

        There are some ambiguities in the language of the catholic bishop as he speaks towards father Gabriel about the continuation of the mission they were building. The bishop said that, “if anyone disobey, they will be excommunicated, cutoff, and cast-out. We can say that the language being spoken by the Catholics Bishop towards father Gabriel is a sense of a posteriori position. It States that it can be known to be true or false, only be reference to how as a matter of contingent fact. Also, this is based upon the contingent truth. In addition, the existence in reality is expressed towards this situation. This states that the real existence is greater than mere existence in the understanding. The catholic bishop wanted the Jesuits to leave the mission and they must follow what the bishop says, but the Jesuits said that the mission was there home and that they didn’t want to leave.  We could say that based on anslem’s main intuition, it says that the greatest possible being has ever attribute which could make it great or good. Existence in reality is one such attribute. Father Gabriel wanted to ride in the bishops tabula rosa, which is based by john lockes idea, it says that a blank slate, it is like white paper devoid of characteristics until it receives sense perceptions. Also, all knowledge beings with sense of perceptions and sense of experience.



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