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The Matrix

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I'm sitting in a chair, talking to a man that I've wanted to know for a long time. His name is Morpheus; I know that he knows more than I do about the world and how it works. Now it's my turn, in each of his hand's there is a pill, in one there's a red pill and in the other a blue pill. The red pill will have me further my knowledge and the true nature of things will be revealed. The blue pill stops any further knowledge and my perception of things will remain unchanged. I take the red pill. Why do I take the red pill?

First of all, let's consider the way I am. I am a very nosy person who likes taking chances and risks. If I'm given a glimpse of what is real how can I go back? I'm curious as to what lies ahead. For Morpheus to point out to me that there is more knowledge than what I know now, I'm going to go for it. I want to know the truth as to what is around me.

So I take the red pill, I am shown a whole new world that I never knew existed before. This world shows that the human race doesn't rule the world, computers do. These computers are using our energy. To maximize our energy, they give us a visual reality, The Matrix. The world that I once knew is now not a world at all. It's a computer game. A virtual non-existing place that, an hour ago, I knew to be the truth.

Now, instead of the Matrix that I was in, I am in a ship. The real world is a very dangerous place. I am always in fear of being hurt, captured, or even killed by the computers that now rule the earth. I eat nasty gray goop that called my food but it's not the food I once knew. I am constantly on the run when I am in the Matrix and am always being hunted down. Instead of me being at a job, sleeping in a real bed, eating a real meal, I am in reality.

Am I glad that I took the red pill? The answer is yes I am. I am not blinded by my ignorance. I am shown what is the real and what is not. I miss the



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