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Ethnocentrism Matrix

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Review the characteristics listed in each of the following categories: "Presumed American Cultural Norms" and "Presumed Cultural Norms of Other Cultures." Based on personal experience, list the possible advantages and disadvantages of each cultural norm. Also, indicate whether the norms are true.

Presumed American Cultural Norms

True/False Advantages Disadvantages

Emphasis on promptness and time False There is a clear understanding of when an event starts. Time management is highly regarded. People become distressed when there is not enough time to complete a task.

Direct, explicit communication True Communication is simplified. Directness can sometimes be perceived as rude or curt.

Competitive spirit True Competition encourages innovation. Competition may lead to separate teams instead of encouraging cooperation and sharing.

Rugged individualism True People are free to be whatever they would like to be. Conformity lends itself to less conflict between different cultures.

Informality in relationships False People tend to be more respectful of those with whom they share more formal relationships. People are lonely, and have few intimate confidants.

Presumed Cultural Norms of Other Cultures

True/False Advantages Disadvantages

Emphasis on harmony and order False Tolerance and acceptance of cultural and religious differences would be encouraged, and conflicts would be less likely to end in violence. Sharing new ideas and innovations may be discouraged for the sake of harmony and order.

Respect for authority and/or age True The elderly are not seen a burden. Fewer crimes are committed



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