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The Influence of Technology in Daily Life

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The influence of technology in daily life

In today’s world, we cannot deny that technology is one of the biggest influences in our lives. It plays a major role on everything especially human. Also technology has become an important part of our daily basis. The influence of technology can be categorized in several purposes. Uncountable advantages are provided by technology and they will be presented in the paragraphs below.

Firstly, technology influences us on communications and relationships. Technology on the present is unlike in decades ago, the communication was limited by the absence of technology. People used to send letters to communicate and it takes a long time to be delivered. Nowadays we can use email or texting to send information to each other within seconds. In addition, technology also influences people on their relationships. As the world has been improving, many people are becoming busier by their duties and works every day. Sometimes it is too difficult to find a relationship while you are at work or too busy, but with technology, people can easily connect and meet new people. For example, Facebook, line, Instagram, etc. So the influence of technology has made communication and relationship become much easier than before.

        Another influences of technology are on educations and businesses. Education field has completely changed nowadays because the influence of technology. Large numbers of technological tools has been invented, such as, online book, library, newsstand, etc. Technology helps students to learn in simple and comfortable way. Moreover, in the business world, the priority of the company is to make the most profit. One of the most important ways to get more profit is to have the lowest cost and technology helps to save cost. Hiring workers to work uses a lot of money, so technology can be used to perform certain tasks instead of human resources.



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