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Daily Life In The United States, 1920-1940

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uring the 1920s and 1930s, changes in the American population, increasing urbanization, and innovations in technology exerted major influences on the daily lives of ordinary people. Explore how everyday living changed during these years when use of automobiles and home electrification first became commonplace, when radio emerged, and when cinema, with the addition of sound, became broadly popular. Find out how worklife, domestic life, and leisure-time activities were affected by these factors as well as by the politics of the time. Details of matters such as the creation of the pickup truck, the development of radio programming, and the first mass use of cosmetics provide an enjoyable read that brings the period clearly into focus. Centering its attention on the broad masses of the population, this animated reference resource emphasizes the wide variety of experiences of people living through "The Roaring Twenties" and "The Great Depression." Readers will be surprised to discover that some of the assumptions we have about the lives of average Americans during these eras are historically inaccurate. A final chapter provides a unique look at six American communities and gives a vivid sense of the diversity of American experience over the course of these tumultuous years.

The Great Depression is an event that tends to dominate the history of America from 1920-1940, and while it certainly had an impact, this impact was not uniformly felt throughout the country. Other factors helped shape the modern world we live in today, and many of them had their genesis in the period 1920-1940. Music, movies, diet, fashion, where people lived, what they did on dates, and even family planning -- this book covers it all and does so in a way that is easy to read and entertaining. If you think the Depression and Prohibition are all there was to life during this time, then I recommend you pick up this book for a more well-rounded



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