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Interview Topic: Facebook in Daily Life.

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Essay Preview: Interview Topic: Facebook in Daily Life.

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Date: February 10, 2019

Interview Method: In-person interview

Interview Topic: Facebook in Daily Life

People: Telfer Student Ella

Place: Desmarais Basement

Duration: 1 hour

I randomly interviewed a student in Desmarais about her opinion in Facebook. Ella is a second year Telfer student who uses Facebook every day and very familiar with this social media.

Me: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question. Are you a Facebook user?

Ella: Yes, I opened my first Facebook account 8 years ago and I use it every day.

Me: When and where you usually use Facebook?

Ella: It hard to say when I use it… I use Facebook like almost every moment. Usually I check my Facebook every 15-30 mins. I would like to say that I spent almost 3 hours per day on Facebook. There is no specified location to use it, just any place that allowed me to connect to the Internet. I use my phone and laptop to access to my Facebook, so I can check it at any time if I bring my phone and laptop with me.

Me: When you use Facebook, are you using it in conjunction with another technology?

Ella: I usually use it alone, but I connected my Facebook account with a lot of other social media such as Instagram. And I also use Facebook to play some online games with my friends. Sometimes, some website might need to register a account. I usually choose to login with my Facebook account as it is more convenience to do so, you don’t need to enter your personally information like your email, name, and so on.

Me: During the time of using Facebook, did you find any difficulties? Do you think that are there any need of training or specific knowledge required in orfer to use this technology?



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