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The History Of The Internet

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The History Of The Internet

In the early 1960's people saw great value in allowing computers to share information about their important scientific findings. J.C.R. Licklider, a brilliant man from Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) was the first person to develop a global network of computers in 1962. Lawrence Roberts, also of MIT, connected a Massachusetts computer with a computer in California in 1965 using dial up telephone lines. This eventually brought about the Internet, then known as ARPANET.

The Internet was basically designed to have a way to communicate that would work when some of the sites were under a nuclear attack. In the beginning, the Internet could only be used by engineers and experts. They had to learn a very hard system. Later on in 1972 Ray Tomlinson made e-mail for ARPANET; this let Internet sites transfer files back and forth beginning in 1973. Slowly, the Internet was providing services for more professions. People began to realize that the Internet sites and their information needed to be brought together so that the files could be searched for the information needed.

In 1991 the first user-friendly computer was developed in the university of Minnesota. Bill Gates, cofounder of Microsoft, was one of the people to take advantage of the growing popularity of the Internet and released windows 98 . These names are still at the top of the Internet marketplace today. In this present time it is very easy for anyone to access a computer, as there are many more possibilities today then there were in the beginning of the "computer craze".

In earlier times, people saw a value in being able to freely share their information. Their ideas proved to be correct. The Internet is being used by all kinds of people to date. Whether it's the government sending secret messages, or teenagers chatting with each other, the Internet is constantly



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