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The Halliwell History

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The Halliwell history truly begins centuries ago, in a small colony on the east coast of the newly-developed land that would come to be known as the United States of America. There, a young woman named Charlotte Warren was the bearer of a special prophecy, one that would forever shape the future of magic and the lives of three young women far in the future. In the latter half of the year 1670, it was discovered that the child Charlotte was carrying was prophesied to be the most magical baby, one whose very existence would help keep good magic alive. When dark forces tried to steal the baby, the help of a coven and three young women who called themselves "The Charmed Ones" saved both Charlotte's life, and the life of her daughter, Melinda, born on the magical night called All Hallow's Eve.

Later on in her life, Melinda moved to the unfortunate location of Salem, Massachusetts, though she had no knowledge of why this would become a bad move on her part as of yet. In 1693, she started a small leather-bound book to hold her spells, knowledge and magical recipes, its cover imprinted with a small insignia known as the "triquetra", symbolic of the power and unity of three. Years later, Melinda was betrayed by her lover, Matthew Tate, an evil warlock who hoped to gain her powers. He revealed her nature as a witch to the townspeople, who put her in jail and would later decide to have her killed. Turning her daughter, Prudence, over to friendly neighbors who would raise the girl for her, she resigned herself to her fate. On the stake, remembering the women her mother told her of, she spoke of the Charmed Ones, three sisters who would come to be the most powerful witches the world had ever known.

Prudence grew to power and kept her second life a secret, as well as her mother's Book of Shadows. The legacy of good magic was handed down from mother to daughter through the generations, Warren witches one and all. By the first few years of the early 20th century -- 1906 to be exact -- the line had relocated to San Francisco, a city on the western coast of the United States, and now resided in a Victorian Manor which they had claimed to protect the spiritual and Wiccan nexus that were found beneath the home. By the mid-1920s, the line was branching out, and three cousins, all witches, were living in the ancestral home. Riding the wild times of fun and fortune, the women ran a speakeasy from



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