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The Giver Comparison Essay

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Throughout observing the information present in both ‘The Giver’ book and movie, many similarities and differences come to light.

There were many similarities shown in both the movie and book. The facts of the community, with Sameness, Climate Control, and the family units are relatively similar. Jonas’ parents both obtain the same jobs of Nurturer and working in the Department of Justice. By keeping subtle things like their occupations identical in the book and movie, it helps to maintain a structured plot of the story. Another similarity shown is when Jonas begins to see beyond, the first color that he is able to see is red. This appears in Fiona’s hair and apples, both of which he sees in both the movie and book. Due to the fact that Jonas can see Fiona’s hair first, could potentially help with the fact of his feelings for her. Lastly, both the movie and book display Jonas as he witnesses his father Releasing a baby and convey his upsetting reaction to being shown death. By observing this, it is visible how distraught Jonas becomes once he understands what death actually is. Overall, although there are more similarities, this presents that there were some parallels evident shared both in the book and the movie of ‘The Giver’.

In the book by Lois Lowry compared to the movie of ‘The Giver’, there are many differences portrayed. First off, the ages of the eldest children, Jonas, Fiona and Archer, are not the same in the movie or book. In the movie the children have aged to 18, rather than the 12 they are in the original story. This change resembles the change in age of career choices and the beginning of their new lives, but at separate times of their lives. Rather than having more time as a child by receiving a job at 18, in the book the children earn a final job at the mere age of 12, before even reaching puberty or experience in an actual career that’d be right for. Another unlike thing between



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