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Comparison Essay

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High school and college are both two of life's most joyous and frustrating journeys through life. Any individual intelligent enough to pursue further education will notice some differences and similarities. High school and college are similar in many ways to each in terms of the rules and morals that govern them. It would be foolish for anyone to mistake the students' lifestyle being the same in college. College and high school, although similar in some ways, differ immensely from each other.

In high school students are demanded to come to school every day on time and be prepared. In College the student is pretty much welcome to come as he pleases from day to day. To some it's very ironic that many high schools will suspend a student from school if he or she does not show up for school. The disciplinary structure is quite different in college. A student that neglects to show up for school in college will not be punished by the administration in such a conflicted manner. Those students that mess around and don't show up for class are simply allowed to dig their own grave. This is one area many students find different and unwelcome in some cases, about colleges across the country.

One thing that many high schools share with colleges across the US is the

almost total lack of classes that offer hands on experience. Even Fewer of those

classes offer an environment even closely resembling the environment the

student will encounter in the work place. Both education mediums generally do have some type of vocational program and many colleges do offer internships in the industrial arts and/or medical fields, unfortunately the degrees you can receive from these types of courses are still very limited in terms of usefulness to the professional student. Simply put in high school and college hands on experience takes a back seat to general education, although many colleges do a moderately effective job trying to bridge the cap depending on the college.

In terms of the students work load college and high school are worlds apart. In twelfth grade English classes in Indiana the trend seems to be one essay and one week of grammar every trimester.



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