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Comparison Essay

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Everyday millions of people lives are altered. Some may have to move to a foreign country, some may be diagnosed with a deadly disease, or maybe some just realize that all of the events in their everyday life are just too much. No matter what the situation may be, when people are uncomfortable and out of their comfort zone they become stressed and even sometime scared. In this essay I will be stressing and explaining the similarities and differences of the three essays/articles that deal with the changes that people deal with.

All three articles talk about how these people will have to learn to adjust in order to not be uncomfortable. In "Refuse to Live in Fear" by Diane Bleter, she speaks about how she had to be so much more alert to her surroundings after moving to Nahariyya, Isreal. She learned that her new home is very different from the culture that America is, and the simple things like an empty box on the ground may be the deadliest thing possible. In article #2 "Old Father Time Becomes a Terror" by Richard Tomkins, he talks about how much easier and laid back life was in the 60s. He believes that technology has changed so much that instead of making life easier, it has made life less relaxing and a lot more complicated. A great example he uses, is the motor car. It was promised great levels of personal mobility, but now traffic in cities moves more slowly than it did in the days of horse-drawn carriage. We waste our lives immobilized by congestion.

Article #3 "Do Adults Change Their Lifestyle Behaviors After a Cancer Diagnosis?" by Chris M. Blanchard, PhD, talks about people who have changed their

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lifestyle. Such as smoking or exercise to help better their lives and even hopefully help them fight cancer. This article is mostly about research doctors have done on cancer patients and if they are doing what they should be doing to help them fight the cancer and overcome every obstacle put in their way to become completely healthy once again.

All three article deal with a lot of stress, but they are three very different, unique kinds of stress. In " Refuse to Live in Fear, Diane deals with a scary situation right when she moves to her new home. She then learns that she will not be living in a comfortable environment, and she will always be on the lookout for her own safety. This without a doubt would obvisiouly make someones life a living stress.

In "Old Father Time Becomes a Terror" Richard talks about how his everyday life is completely filled with work and other various activities that he really has no personal or family time. Thus makes him extremely tired and stressed. His stress is different than Diane's in article#1 because he chooses to do his extracurricular activities that make his life so demanding and hectic. Diane can not do anything at all to change how life is in Nahariyya and she will have to learn to adjust and make the best of things.

In "Do Adults Change Their Lifestyle Behaviors after a Cancer Diagnosis?" is very different than "Refuse to Live in Fear" and "Old Father Time Becomes a Terror" because it does not deal with a specific person and their situation. It does, however, deal with change and stress. We can all imagine just how stressful a doctor's job would be. A group of doctors are in charge of what types of things effect and can help cancer patients. They have so many people relying answers day after day. This is a lot or pressure to put on, and along with all this pressure comes a lot more stress.




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