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Comparison Essay

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Scientist say, now is the dawn of the science age. To support this fact they say that the technological advancement has been made in this period. In today's society, almost every household has at least one computer if not more. In fact, it is not strange to walk in to a house that has two or three computer. Computers are all the same in one way or another, although they do vary from sizes to capabilities. Laptop computer and Desktop Computer are two computers that are similar but different.

A Laptop computer is considered top of the by almost anyone who knows about them. A laptop computer can cost a person any where from eight hundred dollars well on into the thousands, all depending on what kind of computer you get and what you want it to do. If you want to get a well-known brand computer that is efficient enough for every day use you could spend over twelve hundred dollars. One can easily spend more adding accessories such as CD and DVD burners, Computer programs, games, and a mouse. You can also add any piece of hardware computer devices you would like.

Laptop computers are also portable. The computers are made to be small and compact for easy storage. As time progress, laptop computer designers continue to make the already small laptop even smaller for a more compact look. Along with the laptop computer's constant decrease in size, is a constant decrease in parts. The making of laptop computers has included a screen, speakers, key board, and a mouse pad all in one easily accessible box. A Laptop either can be plugged into a wall outlet or ran completely off a battery pack, which is built into the computer. The battery pack is easily rechargeable by plugging the batteries ac adaptor in to the wall outlet.

A Desktop computer can be found in almost every building that has human contact. The desktop computer is in-fact, the inspiration for the laptop. A desktop computer for a household could run a person anywhere between three hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars. It all depends on



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