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The Bakery Shop Business Plan

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Essay Preview: The Bakery Shop Business Plan

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Business Plan

Marcus Jackson-Conner, Mackenzie Moquin, Nakema Williams

The Bakery Shop

80 Eaton Street

Morrisville NY, 13408


Executive Summary

The Bakery Shop

The Bakery Shop, Inc is a LLC opening a bakery in Jan 2016. The Bakery Shop will build a reputation in Morrisville as being one of the best bakeries in the area. The Bakery Shop will provide its customers with a broad variety of beverages and pastry products.  The bakery is welcoming a variety of income levels by pricing our goods at affordable rates. For example, a brownies cost $3.75. Other bakeries in the Morrisville area sell their cupcakes at $3.50 and $3.96. The Bakery Shop will provide helpful customer service but also build ongoing relationship with these customers. Our employees plan to create and inviting atmosphere that customers want to come back to. The Bakery Shop plans to build a strong market position in the area, due to our experience and the mild competition in the area.  


The Bakery Shop is incorporated in Morrisville, NY. It will be equally owned by the three owners, Nakema Williams, Marcus Jackson-Conner, and Mackenie Moquin.

Ms. Williams and Mr. Conner have education experience in starting and running a small business.  Mr. Moquin also has education experience but will attend classes prior to opening to gain more knowledge about running specifically a bakery. All three partners have also established relationships with attorney, and insurance agent and some outside advisors. Since all three partners have a business degree, we plan to do our own accounting and financials until we decide to hire an accountant.

The company plans to hire two full time bakers and a part-time barista to handle the cashier, customer service and the day to day operations at the bakery shop.

Target Market

We targeted segments of people who have an appreciation for a variety of delicious deserts. Our customers are divided into 4 groups known as the celebrators, comforters, moms and gourmet minded people. These 4 groups represent groups of people sharing similar behavior patterns for buying from the Bakery Shop.

Completive Positioning



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