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Ariel Shop Business Plan

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Essay Preview: Ariel Shop Business Plan

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Riani Tri Maria

Lien Hardiyanti

Arni Mei Sari

Iin Desi Artiwiningrum

Ariel Shop

Business Plan

Pahlawan Street 52, Semarang

The Business

Business Detail

Ariel Shop is offer many kinds of fashion mode, Ariel Shop is a female store. From t-shirt, dress, jacket, shoes, bag, also many accessories are especially for woman. Ariel shop’s outlet is open for 24 hour. And its also give a lower price but it has a good quality. We have cooperate with some big factory which produce many kind of fashion product. We also cooperate with some tailor, we can get the fashion mode which same as customer wants and need. We also serve the customer wishes via online, and delivery order. Free delivery order for 15 kilometers from our outlet, and the order from other city we deliver the product by TIKI.

Regristration Detail

Business Name        : Ariel Shop

Date Established        : 9 Juli 2014

Location Registered        : Pahlawan street 52 , Semarang

Business Structure        :

We are open our outlet on 24 hour, online and delivery Shop. We are cooperate with many supplier from big factory which produce clothes, etc. And we are cooperate with the tailor who can made all the variety of fashion style to complete the customer’s wishes.

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We offer short and long t-shirt, with many design for girls and women. It’s made by good material, from the high quality cotton, and it has many kinds of colour. And we are offer many size. From small to extra large.

Rp 35.000,00 –

Rp 100.000,00


Short and long shirt, with many motive and design for girls and women. Its made from a good material, like denim and cotton. Its offer many kinds of size.

Rp 45.000,00 –

Rp 125.000,00

Trouser, Pants, and skirt

We offer many colour, many style, jeans, cotton, legging, etc with a high quality and has all the size from small to extra large.

Rp 70.000,00 –

Rp 200.000,00


We offer blazer, cardigan with many style and colour, made from cotton, ciphone.

Rp 70.000,00 –

Rp 135.000,00


Many kinds of jacket and its made from wool, jumper, jeans, sweater. And it also has many kind off colour and size.

Rp 90.000,00 –

Rp 250.000,00


We offer hand bag, school bag, kanvas bag, etc. With the newest style for girls and women. Its made from the good quality of material.

Rp 65.000,00 –

Rp 150.000,00


Its offer many kinds of size, colour, and  style. Made from the good quality of material. Its has a unique style.

Rp 60.000,00 –

Rp 175.000,00


We offer hat, tie, watch, bando, ring, necklace, bracelet, bross. It has attraction mode. And also good quality.

Rp 10.000,00 –

Rp 45.000,00


Ariel Shop are offer all their product for woman, and its not produce by their self. Ariel shop buy the product from big factory. They are select the good quality, but also in lower price. We can get the lower price from the factory, because we buy the product direct from the supplier. We promote our product by online. And we also displayed the product in our outlet. To get the attraction form the customer, we give the lower price than the other.

The Market

  1. Target Market

                Teens, 15-25 years old. Because we offer the newest fashion style based on customer wishe’s, and all item’s which we offer has a good quality, and has a reasonable price for teenager. All the items are especially for girls and women. And offer a good service (delivery order is free).



  • Have a good quality.
  • Have a different style from the other competitor.
  • Always give the newest fashion style.
  • Have a reasonable price.
  • All the amount of the product didn’t sold out, because the style of the product, is undesired with the customer wishes
  • The layout of the shop isn’t interested for the customer.
  • Some products are sold almost same with the competitor product.



  • There are many teenager.
  • Near from the supplier.
  • The location of the outlet are strategies, from the activity of people.
  • Many competitor in the same product.
  • The threats from naturaly disaster (likes: warehouse stock of clothes on fire).
  • Many customer canceled the purchase.
  • The threats of theft.


                Many competitor which sell the same product of our business, there are a big supermarket near our outlet, Matahari Departement Store. So we make a strategy to against the competitor. We reach the best and the newest style fashion, search the big supplier to get the best product. Try to get the lower price  from the supplier, so we can sell the product to the customer with lower price but still keep the quality. So we can compet with our competitor.



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