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The Advertising Process For A Job

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Essay Preview: The Advertising Process For A Job

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The Advertising Process

Before and After

Classifieds in newspapers began since the first edition when a man by the name of James Gordon Bennett started his first news paper called the New York herald on May 6 of 1835; it was the first public newspaper. Gordon did not know how far he can go with his newspaper where the goal was to inform the public of everything that was going on in the city. When Gordon created the classified section many companies wanted to post their job opening in the paper. What he didn't know was that the job postings had plenty of racism and discrimination, they could start the add by bolding no black people allowed. (American heritage) During the years the government started noticing the importance of job description and advertising and implemented several laws that we will discussed furthermore in the paper.

Today is really different people can do both look in the newspaper or even go in the internet and log in and post their resume so companies can look at it. Internet brought several advantages to companies not only bring the opportunity to advertise their job posting to all the cities in the United States but all over the world. As rules and regulations had change and companies have to be more seriously on how to advertise a job position to all the medias they need to learn how to descrive correctly their needs and requirements on the job description.

The internet also helped companies that sent recruiters to Universities and international countries to find the best possible candidates for a job position the ability to earn more money and post a job position over the internet or their own web page. In the past like Newspapers charge you by the length of the article but now with the internet you can describe correctly the desired requirements and at the same time make it more legally accepted by the constitution laws.

Misunderstandings and giving false information for requirements and obligations in a job.

It is really common to give false information for a job position and more to advertise one, the most common situation will happen if the job position is advertise by someone that don't know what the job you are posting requires. Lets say that a job add is posted as a executive account, but really means sales person position, as internet reads and posts the positions this position will be places at a higher category but in small words its still a sales position job where plenty of people that are seeking a position in sales will not read it. Job posting in the internet is really the same as the Newspaper so if you advertise a position and intend to discriminate people you will be persecuted.

Giving false information is really common when companies hire personnel they want to find that employee of the month prospect, but at the same time they promise several things and at the end they don't get nothing, a great example is El Paso, of course the city of el Paso is growing and companies expect to grow with this city, AT&T, GC, and more companies expect to move to el Paso because its offering tax brakes and more, if we thing more we will find that El Paso is one of the cities that their population will work for minimum wage, this is why many companies are moving to El Paso.

Requirements and obligations are really important specially if you are advertising a job that requires heavy lifting, and more. If you are advertising a job by giving false information or just lack of information the response for that adds will not be the adequate this is why we need to review and understand correctly what are the needs and requirements of this job so we can advertise the job. To advertise a job cost money and if you will advertise wrong you will lose money. Companies tend to give the advertise description to a secretary so they can post it faster but like the example above plenty of information is lost during the process, so the best way will that the post and the advertise has to be done by a professional in that area this way the response will be the expected one. At the same time the probabilities of giving false information or misleading information is less probable.

Different races, how U.S. is different than other countries on advertising a job opening.

The United States is called the land of freedom and oportunities, many people from all over the country lives in the United States, if you seat down in a park at New York you will be surprise on how many languages you will hear in an hour. The United States offer jobs to people all over the world and companies tend to seek people all over the world, a great example will be Delphi; one of the biggest companies that produce General Motors components usually recruits personnel in Mexico, and normally seeks Mexican Universities that specializes on Mechanical engineering. They usually go an visit the Universities and offer students their job positions at low salaries to work at their plants



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