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The state of Texas is the fourth fastest growing state and the second most populated state in the United States. The official website of Texas will show that the state is encouraging a mix of different ethnicities to live in Texas. Due to the fact that nearly 32% of Texas' population is Hispanic, the website can be viewed in English or Spanish. The website also displays the state flower, older buildings in Texas and the Governor of Texas. The website was packed with information about the state and showed the large amount of pride that Texans have for their state. The state motto is "Friendship". According to the online Texas Almanac, the word, Texas, or Tejas, was the Spanish pronunciation of a Caddo Indian word meaning "friends" or "allies." I believe that this motto fits Texas because it shows how open the state is to welcoming different ethnicities and making new friends. The state flag of Texas has a vertical blue stripe and two horizontal stripes that are red and white. The blue stripe contains a 5-pointed white star in the center of it. The color red stands for bravery, white represents purity, and blue means loyalty. The home page for West Virginia is somewhat similar to the home page for Texas. Both websites have pictures of their state capital buildings and comments from the state's governors. However, the Texas website has a few more pictures. The West Virginia website has a "How do IÐ'...?" column which made it easier for me to search for state information. The West Virginia website was only offered in English while the Texas website was offered in English or Spanish. Both websites were very informative about issues like taxes, education and laws. The target audiences for the Texas website are adults. The home page displays information about businesses, employment, traffic, safety and government issues that would mostly apply to middle-aged adults. The capital of Texas is Austin



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