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Texas Lottery Speech

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Topic: The Texas Lottery

Organization: Informative

Specific Purpose: I would like my audience to understand how the Texas Lottery system operates.


I. There is very many ways that a person can gamble. There is blackjack, poker, craps, dice, bets on sport games, and many others things that are illegal in Texas. The type of gambling I am going to be talking about tonight is one hundred percent legal as long as you are of age.

II. The State Lottery Act was passed by the Texas Legislature in July 1991. The first ticket was sold on May 29, 1992 pulling in 2.5 billion dollars. Form May 29, 1992 to May 2005 the Texas lottery has made 38.6 billion dollars. Since gambling is illegal in Texas they put a lever saying that 27% of the money goes toward Texas school funds. This is a good idea because the more money a school gets the more likely they are to have nicer things such as new computers, text books, overheads, Etc. This is good because education is the most important factor in our society.

III. The Texas Lottery is the 3rd largest lottery in North America. It offers 80 different scratch offs , as well as drawings six days a week. There are many different forms of the Texas Lottery. We have the Mega Million, Lotto Texas, Texas Two Step, Cash five, and Pick Three day and night. Most people that are gamblers are willing to take the chance on a one dollar ticket that could possibly make heshe a millionaire. Millions of people across Texas are willing to take a gamble on a game that has such horrible odds.

IV. If you are 18 and older and like to gamble my speech will tell you the statics of who plays, how you play the games offered, and how you receive your earning from the Texas Lottery.


I. Who plays the Lottery. The Dallas morning news did a survey giving these results.

A. The age of the of player ranges from all ages from 18 to 100, but a survey said that people 35 and younger were reported as the most spenders.

B . The education level was also reported saying that people with a high school diplomas spent approximately 67 dollars a month on Texas Lottery games.

C. The income level report says that people that made between 30,000 to 39,000 spent around 64 dollars a month.

D. The ethnicity of people playing are mainly Hispanic, the report said that white lottery players spend less money on the games than non-white.

E. The sexual orientation report said that a higher percentage of males play the lottery than females. The report said that men outspend women by about 8 dollars per month.

II. There are the many different games to play when you play the Texas Lottery. They offer 5 different drawings.

A. The Mega Million is the hardest drawing to play because the odds are so bad. It consist of 5 Different numbers ranging from 1 through 56 and a extra number called the mega ball that ranges from 1 to 46. The jackpot for the Mega Million start out at 12 million dollars and the drawing is every Tuesday and Friday.

B. The second hardest drawing is going to be the Lotto Texas. It consist of 6 different picks that range from 1 to 54. The earnings for the Lotto Texas is somewhere in the multi- millions and the drawings are every Wednesday and Saturday.

C. The third drawing, the Texas Two step is very challenging too. It consist of four numbers ranging from 1 to 35 plus a bonus ball ranging from 1 to 5. Its jackpot starts out at 200,000. If you guess the bonus ball it is a automatic five dollars. Its drawings are on Mondays and Thursdays.




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