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Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Essay Preview: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre shows it's audience what kind of creepy people can be found in our world and how the youth of our country often ignores the obvious signs of danger in order to do what THEY see as "the right thing to do." The new version of the film takes all of the main events and characters from the original version and twists them in a way to make it easier for the present day audience to relate to the plot. In both of these movies the general plot is the same, an innocent group of friends fall victim to a psychotic family of killers, however each movie has a very unique set of characters and side plots that help the directors strike a sense of fear and reality into their viewers.

When Marcus Nispel decided to make a remake of Tobe Hooper's " The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" he did so with an open mind. Nispel took Hooper's film and used it merely as a guideline for his 2003 remake, taking mainly the nature of the crime and adding his own twists. In the 1974 version of the film a group of teenagers are on their way to visit their grandfather's grave, which takes them past a slaughterhouse and into the hands of the Hewitt family. Nispel takes these events and changes them in a way to better fit his audience, for example the general plot overview of the 2003 version is that a group of friends are passing through a small town in Texas on their way to a Lynard Skynard concert when they come across a troubled girl walking on the side of the road. The group of five stops to pick her up and to their surprise the troubled girl shoots herself in the head leaving them stuck in a town corrupted by the psychotic Hewitt family. Another significant difference between the two films is a noticeable change in characters. Between the two films there is really only one character that goes unchanged, Thom Hewitt, or otherwise known as "leather



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