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Technology Wave

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Technology sweeps the world everyday bringing more ease into our homes, office's, vehicle's, school's, and worksites alike. With this new technology, jobs become easier, faster, and more efficient making life easier for busy parents and students. Along with the ease come laziness and a wave of other "problems." I'll explain these "problems" in more detail a little later. The controversy I see is " Is the lack of physical exercise worth the gain of ease?" Personally I believe its all in how you use technology. If you just abuse technology and never do any physical activities, than yes, it's a bad thing. If you use technology to assist you than no, its being used properly, and can therefore be controlled. Like I have mentioned earlier if you just use and abuse technology and become dependent on it, than you cannot

survive without technology and then it becomes a bad way of life. An example of this is the typical businessman. We've all seen him, right? Well most business men have PDA's, cell phone's, blackberry's, Laptop's Etc... Right? Right. But how many of them have "physical copies of the information that is stored in them? Phone numbers, client's names, document's and countless other documents, papers and information. Some of these important documents are irreplaceable. Still these people walk around everyday without even a thought in their mind that their electronic device can be stolen, lost or broken and all the information will be lost! As scary as this though is, to most people it never crosses their mind, or maybe it did once or twice. Maybe 2-3 months ago they copied all their numbers down or backed up their files to external media but how much more information do they have now that could be lost? Chances are a good 25% of the information is not backed up somewhere. Just waiting for fate to match them up with the black hole of Number's And Document's. And once there lost you'll never see them again unless you have them written down or saved somewhere else. That is one way technology causes laziness, instead of pulling out a umber book and writing the number down even when you get home after work you just shrug off and go "meh there safe" trust me there not I lost 125 important phone numbers one day when I lost my cell phone some of these were numbers to friends whom had moved to other states or countries and I no longer had there address or number so have to wait for them to contact me and hope they likewise didn't lose there address's and number's.

Now on the other hand like I said if used properly technology can be great but will it get out of hand? Today we have vacuum cleaners that vacuum on there own and need no person to operate them, we have lawnmowers that will cut the grass everyday 3 days without a complaint and no one needs to be around both these machines are independent and need no human to tell them what to do? One day will everything be like this? This technology does help with freeing up time for families and working parents, but wait isn't vacuuming and lawn mowing the children's



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