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Technology And Happiness

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Technology has changed our lives but, has it made our lives any better? Some believe technology makes people happier because, people always want to upgrade their electronics to new, more efficient pieces of equipment. People have been progressing for thousands of years, and we still are. Researchers are always looking to improve current technology and come up with modern, efficient devices to improve our lives. If society were to stop emerging with new inventions, I feel we would be very unhappy. I believe that the leading edge of technology is what makes us happy.

The microwave is a prime example of technology making us happy. If we were to get rid of the microwave, many people would be angry because it is a very helpful and time saving device. If there was no microwave people would not be able to defrost the ground meat they forgot to leave out, nor would they be able to cook a hot pocket for lunch when they were short on time. Some people believe that items that are efficient make society happy.

Technology is, in some forms, directly related to happiness. Simple devices have been developed to make almost every aspect of life easier. Remote controls, laptop computers, palm pilots, and cellular phones are just a few examples of how technology is able to make life easier. People who own a new high grade computers are glad to have them because computers make simple task in life easier, as a result taking away stress. A lot of modern technology is taken for granted, but without theses devices, people would surely feel the loss since their lives would be more stressful, so today's technological devices truly do make up happier, or keep us happy.

There are hundreds of hobbies and jobs that exist because of modern technology. There are hobbies and jobs for all ages and taste that would not exist if it were not for the help of modern technology. If it were not for modern technology people could not play video games or listen



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