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Targeting for Burton Marketing Plan

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Targeting for Burton snowboards is very important for the company to consider for its product when trying to grow the brands awareness, audience, consumers and revenue as a whole.For burton they must consider what will have the most positive effect on the brand when choosing what exactly to target in the short run as well as the long run for burton.

For Burton, there are two main areas we are focusing on when choosing a target market, demographics and psychographics. Burton focuses on the recreational and fashion needs of a youthful rebel population. We’ve decided to narrow the demographic market segments to 14-22 years old. In addition to the age demographic, we also want to put a larger focus on targeting women. Although 72% of the snowboarders are male, we believe with the right marketing focus, we can increase the number of female snowboarders. We’ve decided to narrow the psychographic market segment to two categories and one secondary segment. The two main psychographic segments we want to target are adventure seeking individuals and those who value time with friends.

High Peak Marketing wants to target those who are from ages 14-22. Over 50% of snowboarders are under the age of 17, and around 75% of snowboarders are under the age of 25. We chose 14 as the starting age we want to target, because we decided more teens start snowboarding when they enter high school because of snowboarding clubs and organizations they can join. We figured snowboarding would become less popular for those who are around the age of 22 because that’s when most people graduate from college and have less time to spend on leisure activities, like snowboarding. Also snowboarding is an activity to do with friends, and when people are at a young age they are always looking for activities to do with their group of friends on weekends.

High Peak Marketing wants to increase the amount they advertise to women. Even though women only occupy around 25% of the snowboarding population, it’s a huge untapped market that is not being targeted. The attitudes of these women are adventurous and daring in the sense like to live life on the edge. These women do not feel like they are typical and fit into societal norms. By reaching out to this market, it will separate Burton from their competitors. We can achieve targeting this market by having advertisements that feature more women snowboarders. We believe that the reason there aren’t as many women buying Burton products is because of their advertising. If we engage women more in the advertisements and featured videos on the Burton website, we are confident that the number of women snowboarders will increase.

We chose to target our market based on psychographics. One of the psychographics we chose is the “adventure seeking individual”. We want to target those who essentially live life on the edge. Looking at Burtons previous advertisements, it features snowboarders who are performing dangerous tricks. Adventure seeking individuals are a huge part of the psychographic population that purchase Burton products, and would have Burton advertise more based off the adventurous features of the brand. We believe that if Burton continues to advertise people snowboarding, the adventure seeking individuals will notice and believe that Burton will give them the quality product that fits their adventure seeking lifestyle.

We chose the psychographic of those who value time with their friends to target to. We believe that Burton is a brand that encourages young individuals to spend time with their friends while participating in activities they enjoy. Adventuring seeking individuals are usually extroverts that enjoy spending time with others. Burton does short videos online of various groups of friends filming each other on their phones and through snapchat and going on spontaneous road trips and snowboarding. This is a great marketing technique but these videos only can be viewed when you go on the Burton website. Our company thinks that if these videos were shown more through T.V. advertisements and on social media it would show those who value time with friends that Burton does too.

We believe another thing that Burton can do is to create a snapchat that people can submit to the account. This will show people from all over the world using Burton snowboards and having fun with friends. Those who value time with friends will see the value of Burton snowboards and their company.

In conclusion to suggest what Burton should do differently, High Peak believes that Burton should target the women who are a smaller demographic to encourage women to snowboard and purchase Burton. We are confident that if Burton puts a greater focus on the psychographic of their customers, they will be able to connect their brand better to their customers. The two, main psychographics of the customers are those who value time with their friends and the adventure seeking individuals. With the help of High Peak, Burton will be able to market to their customers more effectively if they concentrate their advertising campaigns to untapped demographics and psychographics.


High Peak Advertising agencies’ main focus is to position Burton to its target market based on the demographics and psychographics we chose.



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