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Summary of “critical Thinking/reading with Purpose”

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In Fabiano’s presentation of “Critical Thinking”, he used four aspects to explain how critical thinking is important to be successful in academic life: Reading with a purpose, basic analytical skills, writing with clarity and precision and designing arguments.

He explains that reading with academic purpose is different from reading for leisure. The idea of academic reading is to engage with the material you are reading. Which is to said argument needed to find in the material by pulling out the “real” information from those less important. Also, he explained three measurements to engages with material, which are annotating, documenting, deconstructing. Next, Fabiano also argues that students need to seek for clarity in the reading material, by keep asking question to themselves. For example, students are allowed to disagree the point of views of the author to engage in the material. More importantly, students need to recall the material s they read before and relate them to what they are reading at present. By doing so, individuals would retain the material. He also states that pre-read the martial for couple of times and deconstruct them would help students to have a better grade rather than study all night before the exams or tests. At last, Fabiano explained the definition of analytical skills, and listed five main points to comply it.

To conclude, Fabiano explained the importance of critical thinking. By using three points, students are able to improve their grade. In addition, he claims how analytical skills influence academic grades. Also, He argues “Analysts learn by doing.”



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