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Critical Thinking Application

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Critical Thinking Application Paper

Wikipedia states: that critical thinking consists of the mental process of analyzing or evaluating information and forming judgments about the facts ( This can literally apply to every aspect of our lives. Everyday we make decisions that affect in either big or small ways. For instance picking what we have for breakfast can be critical thinking. If you decide to eat that bear claw from the corner donut shop then that would mean a contribution to your waistline. It would also give you a morning rush with the sugar and they you would come down hard. The other choice would be a banana and some strawberries. This would be the better choice since your body is better at digesting these foods and they are natural sugars. The place I think critical thinking is used the most would be in a work environment. This applies to every level of employee. We all have had both good and bad outcomes when it comes to critical thinking.

Working for a major telecommunications company for the last ten years and having held different positions I have run across my share of critical thinking situations. When I had been with the company about eight months I was asked to join the leadership team. The team helped those who needed help with writing orders or had customer escalations. We were also known as the help desk. My role in the team was as a trainer for a new system that would replace the one we were using to process orders. My critical thinking decision was to decide how I would introduce this to my fellow employees.

There were several ways which I could have gone. The first was just to teach it keep questions to a minimum and have their supervisors answered any questions they might have on the floor. My other option was to start my making the point of the benefits of the system advise of the changes and to make a commitment to support them.

The benefit of just teaching strait from the material was time. The group would be kept at a minimum when it came to questions that way I could move on to the next class and get everyone trained quickly. I would also not be the one they would seek I would leave that up to their supervisors.

The disadvantage of this decision was that the group more then likely would not trust me or accept me. The other was that I would not get an accurate picture if they were grasping the material or not. It would also look like I was just passing



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