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Stages In The Critical Thinking Environment

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Stages in the Critical Thinking Environment

The majority of persons are not thinking like they should be. All persons are aware that they are not in the best position in terms of the way they think or analyze something. The capacity are in our hands but not always is used, we have to develop and establish some steps to be more open when we have to analyze something and demonstrate our way of thinking.

The improvement after we identify the need of be more critical is one that needs constant practice. It is not like to take place when we don not have a specific commitment to learn. If we take our way of thinking as a given opportunity, we are not in the position or way of improve our knowledge. The essentials traits of a critical person who thinks in this form require a long period of development.

If we want to think as a critical person, we have to understand that there are stages required to develop this type of thinking form, the critical thinker:

Stage one: The Unreflective thinker - we are unaware of significant problems in our thinking. Our entire environment in terms of thinking is basic as we are presenting the issues or situations that pass through our mind. In this stage our knowledge seems to be as a generic form of knowing or analyzing things without major involvement.

Stage Two: The Challenged Thinker - we become aware of problems in our thinking. In this one, the input received from situations that happens or seems interesting to our thinking would become more attractive than the first stage. In other words, the mode of analysis passes to a one more receptive and in aware according to the situation.

Stage Three: The Beginning Thinker - we try to improve but without regular practice. Now things seen more broad and interesting to our mind. Many times the knowledge of any problem attracts our criticality but is not well developed. Some situations are solved using our critical thinking but is not always implemented. The status of critical think starts to develop but it requires more challenge and integrity in our part.

Stage Four: The practicing Thinker - the need of a regular implemented practice of critical thinking is recognized. Now things seem more noticeable, more internal. The implementation of the formal critical process is well noticed and established. The things and the mode of analysis passes from one that is in the developing or start up process, to a one that is already supported based



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