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Strengths & Weaknesses

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Essay Preview: Strengths & Weaknesses

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Ð'Ñ"Ð"¦ Vocabulary

Ð'Ñ"Ð"¦ Comprehension of material

Ð'Ñ"Ð"¦ Ability to work under pressure


Ð'Ñ"Ð"¦ Use of formal writing process

Ð'Ñ"Ð"¦ Lack of self-confidence

Ð'Ñ"Ð"¦ Time management

I have always had an excellent vocabulary and generally have good communication skills, both written and verbal. My reading comprehension skills are also very good which has worked to my advantage. However, I have noticed that I struggle with the comprehension of some of the materials I have covered in my communication classes. I hope this is due to my being unfamiliar with some of the terms and concepts and similarly that my lack of confidence stems from the lack of writing assignments in communication classes. As I take more communication classes in the upcoming year I will become more familiar with the terminology and concepts associated with the discipline as well as the expectations of the professors teaching them.

I need to utilize a better writing process to help develop my papers and it would also benefit me to set aside an appropriate amount of time to complete these assignments in a timely fashion. This is where my ability to work under pressure comes in handy. I often have to put writing off until late at night, which is not an ideal time to write, but in the past I have had to make this manage. In the future, finding a better time to set aside for writing would definitely be beneficial. Either



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