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Strength And Weaknesses

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Essay Preview: Strength And Weaknesses

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Strengths and Weaknesses Paper.

This will probably be the most difficult paper we are going to have to write this class. I think? I guess you would really have to be open and honest with yourself. I think I know myself well enough to know where my strengths are and some of my weaknesses lie. I guess the only way to find out is to dig right on in.

I will go ahead and start with my strengths. Sort of along the lines of the good and bad news, which do you, chose first?


Intangibles - These are the things that I think make a very good employee or more importantly your boss. My intangibles are showing up to work on time everyday, when the boss is not around you still conduct yourself in a professional manner, honesty, and great ethics. You may do a great job in everything at work but I believe if you do not have any of the above traits you will never make it in anything you do. You people used to use the term "a honest days work". Within that term it means a couple of things. Did you work hard and earn what you are being paid or did you conduct yourself in an honest manner. Did you keep your end of the bargain so to speak. Ethics which I also feel strong about. I believe that my father had a hand in developing me as a young man from his life experiences. My father who of course worked hard all of his life. He had all of the above traits and then some. He retired Deputy Director of prisons in Illinois. He told me a story about when he first became a guard and how someone tried to bribe him off. He said to the prisoner you better never come to me again and let the rest know that I will not compromise my ethics for anybody. I tell you his fine qualities have sure made me a better person in these areas. I have had so many great role models in these areas whether my role models in the military or in my civilian career. They have all contributed to my future in a positive way.

Open-minded - I hope to think this is one of my strengths. I like to hear what people have to say. I like the ideas that get brought to the table and the results it brings. When I was in the military we had this obstacle course we had to go through. It was not your typical obstacle course most you just run and do physical training but this one required you to think and take the ideas of the rest of your team. I tell you put a few people together you will find a way to accomplish whatever is thrown at your team. The best idea can come from the meekest person of the team. So, you have to be open-minded. Work smarter not harder.

Attitude - Something all successful leaders have. When I say attitude I do not mean being rude. I mean to always have that "can do" demeanor. Always go into work and do your very best. Always looking at more responsibility as a positive challenge. On the flipside if someone else gets the promotion be positive congratulate and say to yourself I am next. Always thinking that with the right kind of training there is nothing that can keep me from reaching my goals.

Dedication - I am person who believes in dedication to my job and the company I work for. I am a strong believer in taking pride in the company where I work. This is tough sometimes. Even good companies have bad months or years but you must be able to ride the wave. If the company dedicates itself to you by putting their trust in you and making sure you have a future, you must be dedicated during the good and bad. It is dedication from its employees that will push a company through the bad times.

Student like mentality - This is one I enjoy. I really try to learn something new everyday. Whether it is work related or personally. I mean really only watch news and channels like discovery and such. That really sounded old. There are so many things out there to learn it is just amazing. Information is so easily accessible now through the internet that it makes learning exciting because of all the different options you have. I just know that I have the capacity to learn almost anything.

Personality - I can get along and have fun with anybody. I know when to joke and to be serious. I draw people in and can take a bad situation and make it good just on the way I approach it. I am always looking for a way to help and when I am successful at whatever the situation is; it brings out the best in me. I will say that even if it does not turn out the way I want it to I still portray it in a positive manner. With job interviews I think about how much a good personality counts towards you getting a position. I do not have a degree at the present time so I have to use whatever strengths I have.

Motivator - I am good at motivating the people around me mostly at work. One situation that comes to mind is when I was a young twenty eight-year-old branch rental manager for Enterprise Rent A Car we were open on Saturdays. Of course, nobody likes to work weekends so anyway one of my employees came up and said that they really enjoyed working Saturdays with me because it just flew by. I make the work environment fun. It has to be. It helps you connect on a different level with them.

Dress for success - I think of you dress successful you feel successful. I don't mean if you have a blue-collar job you need to wear a suit and tie to work but if it is a uniform you wear to work you should show some pride in it and look presentable. I think it effects your demeanor and attitude. If you feel great it makes the day seem so much more pleasant. As always the first impression is the longest lasting impression. If you dress the part and carry yourself in a professional manner it will get you far.


Organization skills - One of my weaknesses at work are my organization skills. I have the worst organization skills ever. It is not so much at getting organized my problem is I get complacent and don't stay on top it and it gets out of hand again. I tend to write what I have to do down on paper and prioritize what is more important to least important. My biggest problem is letting paperwork pile up and not doing the things necessary daily to keep everything in order.




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