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Personal Strengths And Weaknesses

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Dear Friends -

It's October and the world seems to be colored with pink! The American Cancer Society, as the organization that gives more to breast cancer research than any other non-profit in the world, has launched our own exciting new campaigns to promote breast cancer awareness. Please help us spread the word by participating in the following initiatives and forwarding them onto your friends and family. Thank you!

Create a Virtual Pink Ribbon

As you know, the pink ribbon is a powerful symbol in the fight against breast cancer. The pink ribbon remembers those who have been lost, supports those fighting today, and celebrates survivors. Now you can create a virtual pink ribbon by visiting our new Pink Ribbon Wall. Create a ribbon to honor a loved one who has been touched by cancer, remember someone you've lost, or celebrate your own victory over this disease. Your ribbon will be posted to the ribbon wall. An email will be sent to the honoree on your behalf as a reminder that you recognize and admire their strength. Recipients will have the opportunity to search for their own ribbon.

Win a $300 FreshDirect Shopping Spree or a pink iPod Mini

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, you can enter to win a $300 Fresh Direct shopping spree or a pink iPod mini by donating at least $2 to the fight against this disease. Your entire donation will benefit the American Cancer Society's efforts to fund breast cancer research, education, advocacy and services. If you live in the FreshDirect delivery zone (NYC, Westchester, Long Island), just add the donation to your cart and it will be lumped into your grocery shopping bill. Your chances for winning the shopping spree go up with each $2 donation (so if you give $10, you are entered into the drawing for the shopping spree 5 times). The link to donate is



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