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Strengths & Weaknesses

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Essay Preview: Strengths & Weaknesses

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Whenever I am asked about my strengths and weaknesses, whether it be in a job interview or for essay purposes, it takes me time to figure out what those are. I know I have them however, I just don't recall at that point in time.

Generally, my main weakness is my desire to please people. I usually put myself last, no matter what the situation. I have recently started trying to put myself ahead however; I still revert back to that yearn for appreciation. I feel this is more a weakness than strength because of my self depreciation when it comes to other people.

Another weakness that I have is my patience. I am impatient when it comes down to everything in my life. People always tell me to that I have to "stop and smell the flowersÐ'..." But, I just feel it's a waste of time. Our time on the earth is borrowed and short and I try not to waste a minute. I don't have patience when it comes to my daughter, my colleagues, or my friends. It's definitely hard on them. They can feel my frustration. Along with my impatience I also have a short temper. Not a good combination I might add. My temper is very sensitive and the littlest thing will upset me. And the funniest thing will rarely make me laugh.

Sometimes my prioritizing skills can be a problem. I will assume one thing is more important then the other and most of the time, I am wrong. I try and tell myself that doing the most important thing is best. However, my patience kicks in and tells me which is the fastest I can get done, and that one gets priority.

Another weakness is that I loose my focus frequently. My doctor says it's just because I am so very busy. However, I think I may have a touch of adult ADD.

My strengths are in my ability to learn quickly. Teach me something and there is a 90% chance I will remember it tomorrow. Even if you just ran right threw it. I don't need detailed information in order to process the information I have been given.

My organizational skills are very good as well, except for prioritizing. At work I am known for my ability to organize a project or database. They relied on my heavily during my tenure with the Arizona Department of Education. Now that I am leaving the agency to work for the Arizona Department of Corrections they find it will be difficult to find someone with the same caliber of skills I have. I am generally detail oriented and very analytical. I usually edit the information that people provide for the agency.

I also have an ability to have a variety of people skills. I can get along with people that are much older than me or somewhat younger than me. My best friend is from New York, 45 years old, and black. I am from Phoenix and 25 years old and I am half Spanish, half Latin. I understand the different cultures and I know that just because something is normal to some people it is not normal to others.

My independence is part of my strengths as well. I try not to rely on anyone for anything in



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