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5. What accounts for Enterprise's success over the past 20 years? Is it a great strategy, superb strategy implementation and execution, great leadership, or uncommonly good luck?

Good strategy execution requires a team effort. All managers have strategy executing responsibility in their areas of authority, and all employees are participants in the strategy execution process. This is why Enterprise Rent a Car has been so successful over the past 20 years. During the 1980’s and early 1990’s Enterprise underwent a massive expansion that was going to incorporate opening new branches closer to airports in US, Canada and Ireland. Enterprise was looking towards a promising investment were their revenues completely justified their new strategic approach of expansion. CEO Andrew Taylor implementation strategy incorporated putting together a talented experienced management team with the necessary skills, and abilities to get things. The new strategic approach, the implementation and the execution seemed to be running smoothly for the company until Jack Taylor, the founder of the company, realized the company’s customer satisfaction was slipping.

Even though Enterprise had a well developed mission statement that mentions customer service and satisfaction in their first sentence, it is made apparent that customer satisfaction was rapidly decaying. The strategy was looking well in the expansion side but it was beginning to fail because of the decaying attention to customer service. Things that were suppose to get done slipped through the cracks and as a result the CEO was forced to pay attention to the situation and turn it around. Andrew Taylor decided to shift his strategy and order the execution of service quality surveys in order to collect data from the customers at every branch.

Every branch was awarded with a ESQi score, which indicated their service quality. The bigger



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