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Stranger Paper

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I know my subject by his first name only, Maynard, by listening to his frequent conversations with his close friend Rolando I have discovered they enjoy talking about alcoholic beverages, movies, and video games among other things. He is of average height and a slim build with frizzy short black hair and wears glasses.

My first impression after observing Maynard for a short period of time was he might be shy and/or nervous in social situations even when interacting with a close friend. I came about this assumption by observing him look away from the listener when he (Maynard) laughs, he also fidgets with his hands by rubbing them together, etc. when being spoken to, he also spins his pen often. Another reason why I assume he is nervous is the manner in which he moves, all his movements are quick and sudden. His lack of participation in class discussion and in answering questions also fortified my assertion that he is shy.

Stemming from his shyness, I believe he is in a way, dependent

on his friend Rolando's social interactions and approval of him. He often sits to the side, ready to converse with him. He also covers his mouth/lower face with his hand by resting his head on his hand in various ways when facing the class as if he were cradling him self or hiding. I do not observe this behavior when he is talking to Rolando. This leads me to assume he suffers from some degree of insecurity. And I have yet to observe him to speak with anyone but Rolando until he asked me what he could write about me (what a coincidence).

Lastly I gather from my observations that Maynard is a humble and laid back individual. His hair is frizzy and easy to maintain. He does not dress flamboyantly and he lets his mustache grow out.

As for significant information I have learned about Maynard, I learned he holds his friends in high esteem and depends on his relationships with them greatly. He does not interact in



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