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Solution For A Business In Need

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Situation Analysis and Problem Statement

The purpose of any company is to continue to grow, become better, find and have continued success. InterClean Inc. is just one company among many that works hard to achieve these goals. InterClean is seeking other avenues to grow from the success that the company has already seen. There has been a plan already laid out and a time frame for things to be done the only thing left is to put the plan together and make the plan work.

The plans of InterClean are challenging and will not be easy for these things to be done. This paper is going to lay out some of the issues and opportunities that InterClean will face and are already facing during this process. Though out this planning process all of the key stakeholders have to acknowledged and taken in perspective since they all will reap the affects in the conclusion. InterClean has to make sure that they have a development team of leaders that has the basic pattern of shared assumptions, values and beliefs considered to be the correct way of thinking about and acting on problems and opportunities facing the company. (Davenport, 1998) InterClean wants to take on these challenges and I plan to offer some ways to make things smooth and successful.

Situation Background (Step 1)

InterClean, Inc. is a major player on the sanitation scene looking to make major changes that deals with growth for the company. In three to six months they want to be able to make an announcement to the public about the new solution-based selling that they want to bring to the forefront. Marketing is working on the new marketing focus that will introduce all types of new products to present to the customers. In order to get these things going there will be a lot of changes within the sales department. There will be some new people hired in and well as some current employees out of a job.

One of the reasons that there will be employee changes is due to the new selling approach that is being introduced. InterClean wants to take on a new selling technique when presenting things to their now more sophisticated customer. To meet the goal of supporting a more sophisticated customer, Inter Clean leadership has proposed to create the new solution-based model.

Issue Identification

These changes will create some issues; some of the challenges that exist are being able to get all of the employees' matters straight. InterClean has to first make the move and fire some employees and find the people that are going to replace them. As part of the process of identifying replacements, the managers must consider each person's skills, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and future developmental needs. (Dreher and Dougherty, 2001) It is a known fact that people are going to lose their jobs but there has not been anyone fired yet. Therefore that is leading to all kinds of talk throughout the office about the speculations.

Also the sales team will have to adapt to fit InterClean new direction. With changing to the new solution-based model almost everything that they are use to will change. All of these changes are going to happen and they will only have a limited time to get all the knowledge that the employees will need. Marketing has to make sure that they all of the products ready within enough time to not only present to customer, but to also allow the employees to have enough knowledge on them so that they can sell them to customers. It is already the plan to go public in three to six months therefore the employees will have to endure vigorous training. With things being rushed the employees may not have the proper knowledge to do their job correctly. The good thing is that with issues there is always opportunity.

Opportunity Identification

There are a lot of opportunities that exist for the company, with the solution-based selling being implemented that will really give the company the boost that they want and need. By linking with EnviroTech creates two automatic positives for InterClean they lose a competitor and they can easily find some of the employees that they need to hire. Even if the company is not ready with the products within three to six months all of the training that the employees will endure will benefit everyone. They will be trained to engage directly with facilities mangers, health care professionals, and operational executives in their customer's organizations. (Scenario One: InterClean Inc.) With the training and the new selling approach all of the stakeholders will benefit from the changes that are being made.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

The key stakeholders in this situation are the managers which is all the people that are leaders for the InterClean Company. The other two stakeholders are the InterClean employees and customers. All of these stakeholders are concerned with the changes that are being made within the company. All of the stakeholders will reap the benefits of taking on the solution-based model if things go correctly. The only stakeholder group that has the biggest ethical dilemmas is the employees. They know without it happening that there are people are going to be laid off and replaced by new employees. For those that are left with the company they need some type of assurance that they can do something that can prove their worth to the company. This way they will feel more secure with their position in the company.

Problem Definition (Step 2)

For InterClean Inc. to make the transition to a solution-based selling model the leadership team and the company has to be ready to make changes, by building an internal culture that can support the process. InterClean has to make sure that they have everyone on their side and all the employees have an understanding and feel comfortable with what is going on. This is going to be a big transition for them, but at the same time a transition that can bring them much success.

End-State Goals (Step 3)

When making changes there are goals set so that plans can be implemented to reach them. Here are some of the end-state goals that apply to InterClean. The main goal is to increase profit within the company. To do this InterClean will implement the solution-based selling model to all of its employees to use while selling to the customers. In three to six months InterClean wants to be able to begin a media blitz to publicly announce their new strategy. This will provide a full spectrum of cleaning services and solutions that will become the major avenue for sales. (Scenario One: InterClean Inc.) With all of these changes InterClean hopes that this will help to reach



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