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Business Solutions

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789 Main St

My Town, FL 3333

July 22, 2007

Ms. Jane Doe, Branch Manager

Bank of America

123 Main St.

Any Town, FL 33333

Dear Ms. Doe:

I recently opened a new account with your bank. Your bank has a reputation of offering excellent customer service and benefits to your customers, which influenced my decision to bank with you.

This past week I received my first statement. There was a charge for check printing. My initial order of checks was supposed to be free with this account. Originally, I planned to ask my local branch about this charge on my next visit. That was until yesterday, when I received my initial order of checks. Unfortunately, there was an error on the face of my checks. They have my street address wrong. Printed on the check is 788 Main St and it should have read 789 Main St.

Being a new customer, I hope the issues I have experienced are not common. I assume that your bank stands behind their promises and will issue a credit to my account for the checks. Fortunately, I had money in my account to cover this unexpected charge; otherwise, it would have put my account in the negative balance. This would have created more issues for me.

Regarding the error with my check imprint, I hope that your bank will have my checks reprinted offering expedited service at no charge. Due to the inconveniences I have experienced, I feel it would be a sign of goodwill for your bank to double my initial order, at no additional charge.

A brief summary of the issues and my proposed resolutions:

* Issues:

o I



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