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Social Sciences

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"Weber- "Objectivity" of knowledge in social science and social policy"

Max Weber was born April 24th 1864 in Touring, Germany. He was the eldest of seven children. His Father was a protestant, who became successful in the bourgeoisie, as a politician, eventually becoming City Chancellor, and later a member of the Prussian house of deputy's. His Mother was a French protestant, and came from a wealthy family, after her mother died, and her father re-married. His family and religious background became part of his writings after he attended The University of Berlin. Eventually he Later worked for University's such as Friedberg University, University of Heidelberg, University of Vienna, and The University of Munich. Many of works he published dealt with rationalizations, sociology religion, and government. Many of these views were talked about in what many call his most famous piece, "The Protestant Ethic on the Spirit of Capitalism".

Today in sociology Weber is considered one of the founders of what we call modern sociology. Although during his time he was recognized as a historian and economist. Unlike Durkheim, the other founder of modern sociology, he believed in anti-positivism. This went against the way that natural sciences were looked at, in saying that how society had many meanings, symbols, norms, rules, and values. Weber, used anti-positivism to distinguish the social sciences from the natural sciences, in mainly talking about the action taking place in society, instead of the reaction. In his earlier works he talked about industrial sociology, but later on he talked about sociology of religion, and sociology of government. Many ideas that Weber wrote about were drastically different and sometimes influenced by how Karl Marx believed. The Journals that Max Weber writes many times is giving a different way at looking it than Marx, and trying to play



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