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Social Action Self- Reflection

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Social Action Self- reflection

Gned 500

Centennial College

Submitted by: Varinder Singh (301001313)

Social Problem

A social problem is that issue which affects a group of people. It is a common problem we see happening in our world. Nowadays, Gun violence is also a social problem. Weapon associated incidents in Toronto does not target a particular foundation it can happen to anyone on the street. General public see it as problem. Concept behind firearm related issues, institutions and parties included how individuals contribute in handling the issue separately.

Many people believe that firearms possession should be restricted or even not permitted in light of the fact they believe that it can represent a real hazard for citizens. While other believe that they have the right to claim their own firearm since this give security. In Canada, for instance, individuals are permitted to get a permit and after that register their own firearm. Many people who have a weapon use it for hunting or protecting their property.

The discussion about gun control began constantly talked among the individuals and the Canadian government officials exceptionally after one incident in University of Montreal in 1989 which was known as The Montreal Massacre where 15 people died by a gun. Because of this, in 1995 the administration find himself under pressure and well-ordered that all weaponries who had not registered yet should be enrolled in government database. It caused some irritation among the old gun holders who discovered some numerous issues to enlist and absolutely against to this decision. Nowadays, in the nutshell, the government ensure only those individuals to purchase a gun who has registered under the administration and weapons are sold to them who have gotten a permit.



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