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Self Reflection

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Paper Assignment #3

Growing up, when people would refer to the future it always sparked to me as some fixation in time that exist many, many moons away from the present. Now older, I realize that the future is now. The future is ever present and always being created with every breath and decision that I make. Negative to positive change can take place in ones life within a matter of moments because of the future. The only denomination of time that's never a factor is your past. The past should be simply used as a history book, a book that can remind you of who you are if you should ever forget. It also reminds you of who you don't want to be. The past is irreversible and can only keep records of triumph and failure. It is up to us to write the rest. In this conversation between you the reader and myself the writer I will attempt to inform you of the future self I plan to be.

Shut up!! That is something that I'm slowly but surely learning to do. I wouldn't consider myself to have a big mouth but I get involved with the affairs of my friend's way TOO much. I'm looked upon as leader amongst my friends and I'm now learning that being a leader is not trying to solve everybody's problem. I found my self one year so caught up in everyone else's issues I couldn't concentrate on my own. Believe me, I have enough issues to pass out at a free Rolling Stones concert. Hmmm... Well maybe not that many. As I reflect I realize that my issues are really much of nothing and probably far less serious then any of my peers. Which leads me into my next quality, I need to stop complaining.

I'm not a whiner but yet and still I do complain lightly to my close friends about things of no importance. I complain about all my friends having newer cars then me. That's absolutely nothing to complain about. Hell! At least I got one and I've had one or access to one since well before I was even of age to drive. It's very scary to think of how my priorities could get so screwed up; so vain to the point that I have nothing better to do than complain about car. Gosh! I truly hate that about me sometimes. But as it is written for the future, I will no longer be a complainer. Even now I choose not to complain. For example, at work when everyone else is casually talking about the many inconsistencies and faults with our management I choose not to be apart of that conversation. It's negative and does not edify me or the others that are carrying on the conversation. Also, it's down right immature. I have to now realize that I'm looked upon as an adult right now, not a 20 year old who lucked out and scored him a decent job. What people don't realize is that negativity is a roller coaster that has its opening high points but once you're on it till completion you realize how temporary and useless it was even going on it. Speaking of roller coasters, I want to make sure that you understand I absolutely love them. But I didn't always love them. There was a time in my life that I was so scared of them that by the time I had enough courage to get on them I was mad I wasted time on fearing them in the first place. Fearing what exactly?

I will not fear anymore. I will no longer let fear allow me to miss golden opportunity's to do well in school and pursue my dreams. I'm pretty sure you're thinking how in



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