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Barbie Boy-Self Reflection Essay

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Essay Preview: Barbie Boy-Self Reflection Essay

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Barbie Boy

In “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy has connected with me more then any other poem in the book so far. “Barbie Doll” is connected with me as a male because it is what all people go through, not just women like it states in the poem. But all men and women have a stereotype of being the perfect person. You have to have a tan; you have to have the perfect chiseled abs. If you go and pick up a magazine more then likely you will find a man or women that are considered perfect. The world wants people to change their ways. What they were what they eat, pretty much their whole lifestyle. If you don’t wear the right clothes or if you’re to poor to afford nice clothes then you get laughed at or get beat up because you’re not as cool as the other kids. I remember when your little no one cares what you were you could have been wearing a Barney triple rainbow colored sweatshirt and nobody would of cared. Not today. This story relates to me the most because I was the little kid that got picked on for having the hand be down cloths from my brothers while all the other school children got new cloths for school, I got the Black Sabbath and White Snake shirts with holes in them or they were too big. I got beat up a lot in elementary school for not being with the right crowd. Sooner then I thought I became the dirty kid, the kid that no one wanted to sit by during lunch. Girls didn’t want to talk to you. But that was about to change for I thought, I was heading into middle school, I had an allowance, money to spend on clothes, no more hand be downs, I thought in my mind: Thank God. I will finally be popular and have friends. So I bought the nice cloths. But to my dismay that didn’t help through my middle school days I only had one new friend, and he was considered a dirty himself. I gained a lot of weight while I was in middle school because of the depression that had fallen on me. I was 304 and playing baseball, not a good combination. A fat person running is not good. So when I went into high school I tried out for the football team and got on the freshmeat team. The one were you get hazed and stuff. Well for being 304 I was quite the fast kid, so I never got caught but, some other freshmen did and they got hazed pretty bad. But back to the story, when I started going to high school I started a diet of just football and by my junior year I was down to 230 and being



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