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Sandlot Movie Review

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Casey Carr

March 24, 2017

Sandlot Movie Review

Dr. Sweeny

        After watching the movie “Sandlot”, and learning about so many different types of concepts in class there was so many different ones to choose from since they all stood out throughout the entire movie. The ones that stood out the most would be flow, constraints, and play. The movie starts off as a new kid named Scotty moves to a new neighborhood with his mom and step dad. He typically stays inside alone until he discovers a group of kids that wake up every morning and go play baseball and spend hours out there. The special place they all go to is called the “Sandlot” which is where most of the concepts occur at during the movie.

        In the movie, there are many examples of flow. Flow is when the skills of a player balance the challenging level of task. For example, at the beginning of the movie the narrator mentioned about how “he followed them out to the sandlot and realized they never kept score, they never chose sides, and it was an endless game that they picked up right where they left off from the very next day, that it felt like and endless dream.” That’s where flow came into play because even though he said they were good, it was a balance between their skill level and challenge because they would just play for endless hours and never get bored. They would lose track of time, all because even though they were playing a sport they would be playing for countless hours from sun up to sun down, just having fun with one another. They would lose all self-consciousness and get in the zone and have full involvement and enjoyment in the process of the game. They didn’t even notice Scotty the new kid was even there the entire time watching them play. Just like when Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez was teaching Scotty how to play baseball he told him to stop thinking about it and just have fun because instead of him being in the zone as everyone else he was over thinking the game or activity and not having fun and being able to catch the ball. So therefore, he had to learn how to just go with flow and just have fun like everyone else.



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