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Risk Assessment Meeting Pre-Read Memo

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Risk Assessment Meeting Pre-read Document

Subject: Risk Assessment Meeting

Date / Time: 15 June 2007 / 8:00 AM EDT

Location: Project Team Conference Room

Required Participants:

Program Manager

Design Team Manager

Engineering Team Manger

Production Team Manager

Purchasing Team Manager

Shipping Team Manager

Sales Team Manager

Marketing Team Manager

QA/QC Manager

Data / Configuration Management Representative

Optional Participants:

All team members are encouraged to participate. Team members who have identified risks or opportunities are requested to present them to the management team during the meeting.


It is my intent to provide an open forum in which the risk management process can be executed. The purpose of these meetings will be to assess the status of identified risks and identify new risks that arise during the project lifecycle. Endstate is to ensure that an integrated, proactive risk management program is implemented across the project team.

Group Management:

The project manager will be overall responsible for the management of the group and risk management process. This meeting will become a regularly scheduled event and added to the project schedule. The process will start with a review



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